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 Ashley "Asche" Schwartz/ 0017 (4/25/09)

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PostSubject: Ashley "Asche" Schwartz/ 0017 (4/25/09)   Sun Jul 27, 2008 6:34 pm

Number: oo17
Alias: Ashley Schwartz
Nicknames: Asche, Ashy
Place of Birth: Paderborn, Germany
D.O.B: December 24
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Age: 14, +4 years in cryogenic stasis.
Gender: Female
Nationality: German
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 112 lbs.
Personality: Asche is believed to have multiple personalities, according to the Black Ghost Company. Asche shows slight signs of multiple personalities, but she believes she does not. Her main personality check is a distant, carefree, quiet, young girl who hates sibling stuff between herself and her team mates. Especailly with Armel.
Occupation before capture: Student, Bakery Delivery Girl
Bio: Asche, her mother, and siblings were left alone after the husband and father, Scarl Schwartz left his family to become the leader of the Black Ghost Company. Asche never gave up on him coming back even after her younger brother, Immergrün, had died from cancer when she was five. When she had turned eleven she started delivering cookies for her aunt’s baker with her older brother Adolph. Two years later, Adolph and Asche were driving back home when a Black Ghost personnel car purposely crashed into Adolph’s car. Luckily, Asche had seen the car coming and they had pushed themselves out the passage door, but a man in a black suit came and yanked Asche away from Adolph only to be punched in the face. He shot Adolph in the face killing him instantly, Asche did not recall anything after those events besides waking up in a room with someone calling her voice inside her head. She did use the instructions the voice had given her and escaped the base only to be caught and shipped overseas to the New York base. Thus, she escaped from there and met Jet Link, who took her in for several months until her fourteenth birthday when she was kidnapped from his apartment. She regrets taking the walk she did that morning every day.
Cybernetic Ability:
Time Freezing Accelerator or T.R.A. – Asche was given a very advanced accelerator which made her freeze time, due to a flaw with this accelerator she had to have metal plating put around her ribs so she could accelerate her breathing faster than a normal human’s to freeze time.
Standard Speed Accelerator or S.S.A. – Asche also has a S.S.A. or Standard Speed Accelerator which makes it to where she can run at speed over mach 5 without disintegrating.
Black Ghost Genetic Microchip or as Asche calls it ‘B.B.C.’ or Bastardized Blood Chip – This is a chip that Black Ghost has personally made to make it whenever Asche gets caught in the heat of battle she will kill anything and everything in her way like him. She has tried clawing the chip out before hence the scar on her left wrist; it is also like a shock collar and electrocutes her whenever she does not obey her father. Erika does not have this chip, she has a chip that just electrocutes her like the other children cyborgs, and Asche is the only child cyborg with a special chip. The children cannot be tracked by means of these chips.

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Ashley "Asche" Schwartz/ 0017 (4/25/09)
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