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 Dr. Emmanuel Hirsch [07/27/08]

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PostSubject: Dr. Emmanuel Hirsch [07/27/08]   Sun Jul 27, 2008 7:44 pm

Name: Emmanuel David Hirsch.
Nicknames: Just Manu, and that's what his mother called him.
Place of Birth: Jerusalem, Israel.
Date of Birth: September 30.
Zodiac Sign: Libra.
Age: 32.
Nationality: Israeli.
Height: 6'0", 183 cm.
Weight: 175 lb, 79.5 kg.

Personality: Gentle. Diplomatic. Refined.
Occupation Before Capture: Professor of Molecular Biology, Hebrew University.

Biography: All his life, Emmanuel wanted to be a doctor. His parents, Daniel Hirsch and Sarah Kaufman, immigrated from Germany as children but met in Tel Aviv. They began teaching him science even before he started school, and throughout his education, he stayed firmly-planted at the top of his class.

He majored in the sciences at college, and was encouraged to be a doctor. However, he turned down scholarships to prominent medical schools, believing his true calling in life was teaching. He spent several years in England earning his Ph.D in Molecular Biology, and returned to Israel to take up a professorship at the same university he graduated from.

He caught the attention of the national stage when he started appearing at international academic conferences. He presented new theories on cell growth and reproduction, winning respect from some and inspiring great jealousy in others. He often gave seminars on how science was a universal language, and how it could lead to world peace. Black Ghost saw Hirsch as a great possible asset to their team, and devised a plan to kidnap him. Disguised as Palestinian soldiers, Black Ghost agents spirited him away before he could catch his ride to a peace talk.

Once brought to the Black Ghost facility, he was offered two options by the base's commander: Join their team of cybernetic surgeons, or die. Emmanuel vehemently denied his requests. Not wanting to let a healthy adult male go to waste, the other scientists pled for his life - so long as they could experiment on him as they pleased.

Cybernetic Ability:

Because Dr. Hirsch refused to work for Black Ghost as a scientist, he was subject to some minimal cybernetic testing. While not possessing any specific powers, he has new eyes, which allow him to see perfectly without glasses. His nervous system has also had mild alterations, so he has a better sense of hand-eye coordination and balance than most humans. However, this also makes him more susceptible to pain. Dr. Hirsch escaped from captivity before he could be altered any further.
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Dr. Emmanuel Hirsch [07/27/08]
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