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 Duarte Tavares/ 0019 (09/07/08)

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Namihazure-Sama (Admin)

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PostSubject: Duarte Tavares/ 0019 (09/07/08)   Wed Jul 09, 2008 9:29 am

Number: 0019
Alias: Duarte Tavares
Nicknames: None
Place of Birth: Lisbon, Portugal
D.O.B: April 18th
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Nationality: Portuguese
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 168 lbs

Personality: Enthusiastic, Impulsive, Curious
Occupation before capture: Former Gang Member

Duarte was born in the poor quarters of Lisbon where his father worked as a carpenter and his mother worked as a seamstress. At the age of eight, his mother died from a sudden illness and his father had died from a stroke the following winter leaving Duarte to fend for himself. He was then taken in by a chain gang called "Os Lutadores". During most of his teen hood he committed crimes such as robbery and even murder. His gang life changed when he met up with a childhood friend he loved dearly. She convinced him to change his ways and he complied.

The following day, he refused to participate in anymore activities which deeply angered the leader who had took him in. As punishment, he kidnapped Duarte's friend and threatened to kill her. He fought furiously against his comrades in order to save her but when he ran to her aid a nearly dying leader shot her in the head; it was too late. In a rage, he killed the leader and shot the remaining members. Police arrived at the scene and attempted to arrest him but he fought back and began to run away. As the police chased him, Black Ghost agents conveniently showed up and offered him a ride to escape. He escaped but was soon gassed and kidnapped to be transformed into a cyborg.

Cybernetic Ability:

Human Cutlery and Vanishing Assassin:

Duarte’s hands and forearms were reconstructed into devices similar to Swiss army knives. These knives vary in size and are placed in certain parts of the hand. The smallest are at the fingertips while the largest are found inside the forearms.

Hidden Cutlery #1:
As mentioned above, these are the smallest knives in Duarte’s arsenal and located at the fingertips. The inside of the fingers store fifty wire-thin needles which can be shot at speeds of thirty to even fifty miles per hour and are strong enough to pierce through skin and muscle. If the target is hit on any pressure point the target looses feeling in that muscle.

Hidden Cutlery #2:
These are the second smallest knives located at the fingernails. These knives are like claws and can be retractable. When a victim is scratched by these nails they become temporarily stunned due to the tranquilizer formula on the tips. These blades are also very handy for picking locks.

Hidden Cutlery #3:
The next knives are located in the palms of the hands. The palms open up and the knife is revealed. Duarte can use these knives to scale mountains or it can be used as a surprise attack. This knife also carries a small amount of poison.

Hidden Cutlery #4:
These knives are the longest and used most frequently during battle. The blades come out of the knuckles and are fifteen inches in length. These blades are retractable.

Hidden Cutlery #5:
These blades are the longest in Duarte’s arsenal and are the most dangerous. Both sets are located inside the forearms. The right forearm houses a long sword-like blade that pops out when Duarte takes off his hand. The sword can be used in battle and it is doused in a lethal poison. Arrows are found in the left forearm. When Duarte flips his wrist back it shoots the arrows at fifteen miles per hour. These arrows are also doused in poison.

Hidden Cutlery #6:
The final installation is not on the arms or hands but at the soles of the feet. Retractable spikes pop out of the heels and can be used as a weapon when kicking or as a stabilizer when scaling mountainous territory.

Transport Device:
An advanced type of accelerator was installed in Duarte’s mind. This device works so quickly that when Duarte moves it seems like he can transport himself from one place to the other making him vanish out of thin air. In reality, he’s actually moving at Mach 5! Because of being an experimental prototype, the device may fault at times and has a limit of 17 uses.

Extra: Translator
By capture, Duarte only spoke his native language. A translator was installed in his brain so he can now understand and speak English. It took a while for him to learn to speak properly.

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PostSubject: Re: Duarte Tavares/ 0019 (09/07/08)   Sun Jul 27, 2008 6:21 pm

Rose: *doin a bit of a pose in front of him* oh my arint u a handsome lil devil *she grabs her gun and holds it in between her breasts* do u like naughty girls handsome *sly grins at him blowing him a kiss*
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PostSubject: Re: Duarte Tavares/ 0019 (09/07/08)   Mon Jan 05, 2009 12:33 pm

Hate to criticize the admin, but the gun is a little bit phallic. >.>
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PostSubject: Re: Duarte Tavares/ 0019 (09/07/08)   

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Duarte Tavares/ 0019 (09/07/08)
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